Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Time Offline

Unfortunately our old reliable friend, the Macbook Pro, finally bit the dust. During its slow demise, I was unable to update our website. Eric and I just trekked it to the Apple store this past weekend and purchased a brand new shiny Mac desktop. Due to the fact that it doesn't seem to have the same website capabilities as our old computer, I'm starting a new blog. Also, the old website was pretty high maintenance and as a crazed working mom, I definitely struggled to find the time to update it with our life's happenings.
There has been so many fun developments in Will's toddlerhood lately. He started walking a week after his 1st birthday and hasn't slowed down since. His personality is starting to shine as well and let's just say that the apple didn't seem to fall far from his father's tree. He finds himself super hilarious (does that sound familiar?) and lately has been yelling at the t.v. and throwing his hands up while watching Hoosier basketball (once again, sound familiar?).

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